Re: How is the gnome-common package used?

Mark Galassi wrote:

>     Grant> Problem; I can find no documentation on how to set up the
>     Grant> build environment (, etc.).  Can someone please
>     Grant> either give me an overview of what I need to do, or point
>     Grant> me in the direction of the documentation.
> It's hard to believe that you cannot find stuff.  There is a "compile
> FAQ" off of

Let me refine my request:

I am not having any problems geting the sources out of CVS and compiling
the packages.  GNOME is running beautifully on my system.  However, I
want MY application to use the same build process as in the packages in
CVS (gnome-core, gnome-util, etc.).

Right now, I have a GNOME application that I wrote and I'm using a custom
Makefile to compile it.  This is fine for my own purposes, but no good if
I want other people to compile it on their own machines.  The compile faq
(at lest the one that I read) does not cover how to set up a build
environment for a new source tree, so any help that can be offered would
be appreciated.


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