Re: GNOME spreadsheet work in progress

> Jon Trowbridge <> and I just started on a plot application
> called Guppi. It is in C++ and has no DPS, though.. We are primarily
> interested in financial-type graphs but are trying to write the code to
> support many different kinds so people can add what they need. Probably we
> will be working on it only until it reaches the minimum level of
> functionality we need, and then it will get more features if other people
> want to add them.

This is definetly something we need.  I am very happy you have taken
over this task.  Is this project based on the Gtk-- drawing engine?
Have you guys considered using the GnomeCanvas instead?  

I would like to see the Chart/Graph component have some ways of
interactively editing the Spreadsheet, and the Canvas gives you this
sort of power (ie, high level drawing object, automatically repaints
exposed areas for you, event dispatching).

> I would like to see it connected to the spreadsheet via CORBA, once ORBit
> works, so you could dump spreadsheet data into a plot and edit plot data
> in the spreadsheet. It would also be nice to share spreadsheet number
> formatting functionality; we need this to label the axes.

Yep.  The formating code in Gnumeric will eventually make its way into
a library.


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