Re: GNOME spreadsheet work in progress

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Bertrand Guiheneuf wrote:
> // A spreadsheet that could produce graphs like Kaleidagraph (commercial
> // program for Mac & Windows) would be very nice.
> Yes. And also graphs that print like they display like with Origin, and
> form 1D to 4D as in matlab. 
> I started a first plotting soft several month ago but stopped it because
> it was based on gnu-libplot which has several drawbacks. (no clipping for 
> example)
> I started a new app called IKNC (I can see) written in objc and which uses
> dgs and gtkDPS for the device independancy.
> But as everybody knows, it easy to start projects, harder to finish them.

Jon Trowbridge <> and I just started on a plot application
called Guppi. It is in C++ and has no DPS, though.. We are primarily
interested in financial-type graphs but are trying to write the code to
support many different kinds so people can add what they need. Probably we
will be working on it only until it reaches the minimum level of
functionality we need, and then it will get more features if other people
want to add them.

I would like to see it connected to the spreadsheet via CORBA, once ORBit
works, so you could dump spreadsheet data into a plot and edit plot data
in the spreadsheet. It would also be nice to share spreadsheet number
formatting functionality; we need this to label the axes.

I would also like to play with DGS and have support for it, however I
don't have time to do so. I imagine it could be implemented as an option,
and the program could query the X server to see if it supports DPS.
It would be cool if someone added this. The way we have classes set up
right now it probably wouldn't be all that hard.

Anyway, we will hopefully have a release ready that does something or
other fairly soon. 

Havoc Pennington ====

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