Re: GNOME spreadsheet work in progress

The problem with Gnome-Canvas, is that it doesn't support postscript
generation for the moment. One of the most desirable feature in a plot
app is to allow the screen and the printer to be *exactly* the same.
This is not easy to achieve when designing multi drivers like gnome-canvas.

Moreover, the result must be of *High* quality, at least enough to be
published in a journal.
GtkDPS allows that.
It's main drawbacks are:
* lack of speed
* lack of object/event dispatching.

It's main qualities are the qualities of postscript: high quality 
graphs/fonts/colour management ...

But those qualities can only be used if your app takes the DPS into account
from the start. I don't think it's a feature you can add afterward.
(I hope you can though, cause you are surely better coder than I am, and
Free Software world definitly lacks a good plotting program)

Would it be possible to see Guppi's sources.
(small sources of IKNC are available on demand)


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                               	Tel.:   (33) 01 39 63 50 36

Thanks to GNU for providing us all those powerful and reliable tools
Thanks to Linus Torvald for allowing me not to be a $microsoft$ slave

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