custom menu?

part I

I could get lots more use out of the panel if I could add/remove items 
to/from the menu.  Sorry if I am ignorant about something here, but is the
panel menu supposed to be static and/or internally-controlled?  If there
is any information about this I've missed, I'd like to see it.

part II

I use the following to get the network monitoring turned on for xosview:

ipfwadm -A -a -S <local ip address> -D 0/0
ipfwadm -A -a -S 0/0 -D <local ip address>

The 'modem lights' applet in the panel works, but when I try to netload
applet, it complains that accounting isn't enabled for the device, which
is by the way set correctly.  The advice there also suggests the following
options to ipfwadm:

ipfwadm -A -i -P all -W <device name>

Maybe this is not an appropriate place to be asking about ipfwadm, but I
don't understand the command line syntax too well, and it's strange to me
that the applet can't count packets as things are.  Could somebody clue me
in as to which method of running ipfwadm is most appropriate for my
purposes (just monitoring throughput), and maybe how the two differ and
why the method I'm curently using isn't liked by the applet? The ipfwadm
man page I do not get.

part III

Lots of gnome widgets containing text would look a lot better if there
were some padding around the text.  In lots of spots the text bumps right
up to the edge of its container.


Greg Fall,

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