Re: GNOME spreadsheet work in progress

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> This is definetly something we need.  I am very happy you have taken
> over this task.  Is this project based on the Gtk-- drawing engine?
> Have you guys considered using the GnomeCanvas instead?  

Yes, it uses the libgtkmmdraw that was announced on gtk-list recently. Jon
had some concerns about the speed of a Tk-like canvas for some of the
things he wanted to do - the overhead of the objects might be too much. 
I'm sure he can explain it better. More importantly we hadn't decided to
do Gnome-- at the time so it wasn't an option. 
> I would like to see the Chart/Graph component have some ways of
> interactively editing the Spreadsheet, and the Canvas gives you this
> sort of power (ie, high level drawing object, automatically repaints
> exposed areas for you, event dispatching).

What do you mean by the Chart/Graph component editing the spreadsheet?

I will have to look at the Canvas in more detail, and think about how a
C++ wrapper would look. Is it possible to put the Canvas in "raw mode" and
just draw on it directly?

> Yep.  The formating code in Gnumeric will eventually make its way into
> a library.



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