Re: Volunteer required

> On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Sergey I. Panov wrote:
> > In fact, I have one comment/proposal already. The configuration,
> > session information and desktop should be stored on per DISPLAY basis.

> -- Elliot:
> No... A big idea of GNOME is to make it so that you can save your settings
> one place, and then come back and have it look exactly the same when you
> load it elsewhere.

 Not just the wall paper! The more importantly things are devices such
as floppy, ZIP, CDROM, and printers on the desktop as well as in the
 And yes you do want most of the other things to be the same for all
hosts/displays. The only problem with session-manager is that it (at
least in KDE) hides some widows off the screen when you move from
the big display to a smaller one. The only case when you really want
different wallpaper on different displays is when one of them has low


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