Re: Volunteer required

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Sergey I. Panov wrote:

>  Not just the wall paper! The more importantly things are devices such
> as floppy, ZIP, CDROM, and printers on the desktop as well as in the
> panel.

OK, that's a good start of a list! :-) We need a complete list of what
needs to be machine-specific and what needs to be machine-independant.

> And yes you do want most of the other things to be the same for all
> hosts/displays. The only problem with session-manager is that it (at
> least in KDE) hides some widows off the screen when you move from the
> big display to a smaller one.

OK, well then we need to fix the gnome session manager so it doesn't do
that. Tom, are you there? :)

> The only case when you really want different wallpaper on different
> displays is when one of them has low bbp.

I would like different wallpaper just so I can know what machine I'm
working on. Keymaps need to be computer-specific (different computers have
different keyboards), so that's another thing too.

-- Elliot
Forget chickens, I want to know whether the assembler or the OS came first.

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