Re: Gedit bug

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Ed Davison wrote:

> I have stopped using Gedit since it has what I consider to be a bug.  I
> do a lot of text file creation for letters and memos and have found it
> VERY hard to align text with tabs.
> What I get is that the first 4 or 5 tabs I put on a line are full width
> but then after that all other tabs on the line are only about
> half-width.  It is almost like the expansion changes from 8 chars to 4
> chars if the current position is past the 40 character mark.
Hmm, i think this is a problem in the Gtk Text Widget, i'm getting it
also, 2 big tabs, then the rest are small. We haven't touched the tab
stop info (well, not to my knowledge), if it _is_ possible to edit them,
they they should be fixed up for constant tab distance.

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