Re: image/data loader CORBA instance?

Dirk> imib handles today most image formats by implementing them
Dirk> directly or using fallbackmethods. Gimp comes with a lot of
Dirk> plugin filters for the various formats. Isnīt this a point,
Dirk> where CORBA jumps into mind? What ideas are there for the future
Dirk> development, or is further development stopped until ORBit is
Dirk> ready? Are there any standards for such an interface?

Many Gnomers are still avoiding CORBA until ORBit is ready.  But that
doesn't mean you have to.  In fact, I'd encourage you not to (if you
can live with the burdens of MICO).

I don't know of any standards for such an interface.  I do agree that
CORBA is a natural idea here.

Dirk> Wasnīt there a discussion on the list, where someone mentioned
Dirk> that the amiga has done it in this way? Can someone point me to
Dirk> some documentation about this?

Apparently the Amiga has something called "datatypes" which allow
this.  I don't know anything about it.

One problem you might have with scientific visualization is that there
are a number of important data types.  In fact, it might be hard to
even predict all the ones that are important.

This is a problem for implementing the actual API: do you go with a
least common denominator (and make the tool less useful), or do you go
with something fully general (and big and hard to write)?

Let me encourage you to work with Bertrand Guiheneuf if possible.
Cooperation is good...


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