Object Model (was Re: image/data loader CORBA instance?)

> Many Gnomers are still avoiding CORBA until ORBit is ready.  But that
> doesn't mean you have to.  In fact, I'd encourage you not to (if you
> can live with the burdens of MICO).

While we're at it: is any work being done on the 'object model' part
of Gnome?  A lot of software is being written which uses GTK and the
Gnome widgets, but so far the re-usability of many of these components
is not entirely obvious to the outside world (at least not to me). 

The panel seems to go in the right direction, and of course the Orbit
development is essential, but I can imagine that a lot more ideas have
been floating around on this list and others. Is there a text
available that summarises these discussions and the planned future
directions (if any)?

(I guess this should be on gnome-components, sorry for the bandwidth)


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