image/data loader CORBA instance?


in the last weeks Mark Rae and I thought about an scientific application
for GNOME. This app would be based on CORBA for the different parts. Our
ideas are not finished yet, and I donīt know if we are even doing it. 

To do scientific computation you will need data, and the data e.g. could
be present in the form of an CORBA object. To read as much data formats as
possible it would be wonderful to have one central instance of a data
loader which can handle different import filters. Just reading the
different formats and presenting a N dimenstional M Tupel, or whatever, on
the other side.

imib handles today most image formats by implementing them directly or
using fallbackmethods. Gimp comes with a lot of plugin filters for the
various formats. Isnīt this a point, where CORBA jumps into mind? What
ideas are there for the future development, or is further development
stopped until ORBit is ready? Are there any standards for such an

Wasnīt there a discussion on the list, where someone mentioned that the
amiga has done it in this way? Can someone point me to some documentation
about this?


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