Re: ORB?

Speaking of ORBs:

    Yesterday I played a little with Flick (Utah's optimizing IDL
compiler that does CORBA IIOP) and quickly hacked an event loop for

    The following works:

	GtkMICO client	-> GtkMico server
	Flick client	-> GtkFlick server
	Flick client	-> GtkMico server.

    But for some reason the GtkMICO client does not want to talk to
the GtkFlick server.  The CORBA support in Flick is very limited,
which basically means that implementing servers in Flick is probably
ok only for servers that do not want to talk to other CORBA servers. 

> Wouldn't it be easier to have a small wrapper library of exposed objects
> (i.e. the standard corba ones) which aggregate to their C++
> counterparts, and to have the idl compiler spit out C stubs which use
> the C++ back end behind the scenes? 

At least that is what I was hoping for.

MICO looks pretty simple and easy to understand.  Probably doing this
hack for MICO is also worth doing.


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