Re: RPM and Corba/GNOME

> Miguel, we will probably want to define a way for packages and/or programs
> to register right mouse button-menu items. 

I read your mind.

This is already implemented in the current file manager snapshot :-).

> That way RPM can say that for all application/x-rpm/installed files,
> mc should list 'Remove' on the menu, and for all application/x-rpm
> files it should list 'Verify', 'Details', etc. 

Sure, that makes for quick jobs, but I still would like a full
interface that provided all of the packaging features to the user
(which does not really map into a limited action-popup menu). 

> We will also probably want a way to specify the "default" action for
> a particular file type (i.e. when a user double clicks).

Done as well :-).  check the mc.ext file for examples in your
favorite Midnight Commadner setup.  la la la


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