Re: gnome-stock pixmaps

On Wed, Apr 29, 1998 at 07:16:28AM +0200, Erik Johansson wrote:
> > >Yepp, I don't really like that addition to the ok stock icon either, but I
> > >think we should really have two different icons for OK and Apply.
> I'm very sorry, but I just would like to point out that there's actually
> no need for icons on the OK and USE (not Apply) buttons. That was one of
> the thing people dissliked when we showed off GNOMEs current state.

Oh, I was so focused on thinking up good icons for the buttons, that I forgot
about the possibility to completely disable them. I think I will start a
global GNOME configuration utility that allows to disable the button icons,
the menu icons, and configure the stock menu accelerators.

> And this Apply bussiness, as far as I know Windows was critized for the
> use of Apply in Configuration dialogs... Anyone?     

Oh, we had pretty much talk about this issue. If I get things right, the
conclusion was to build an API using them (GnomePropertyBox) and decide later,
what actually will be done about them.

Eckehard Berns

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