Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.


> And since we are on the topic, how many applications in Gnome are CORBA
> aware, I haven't looked into CORBA yet because it feels big and clunky,
> but I'm going to read the LJ article today. 
> The great thing with ARexx was that your code was the link between the
> applications not some deamon, so even though ARexx was the standard libary
> it was possible to use other languages as well (like C, C++). CORBA will
> solve this but...

I also remember at least in conjunction with using MUI on the Amiga
it was quite easy to implement an ARexx interface: You just created
a structure containing all your commands and the corresponding functions
in your code and MUI did handle the rest.. (like open the ARexx port,
receiving/sending data and so on..)

>   * How fast is CORBA?
>   * Is it easy to implement in your app?
>   * Which Gnome apps use CORBA?

Right, these are the questions which are important..

> (I'm going to RTFM.. :-)

I will do also, I just need some tiiiiime ;-)

  mr topf

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