compiling Eterm and Enlightenment with latest libs

Hi again, 

When I try to install Eterm and Enlightenment I get this error when either
tries to compile:

ld: can not open -lpng:  not such file or directory

Configure finds the libpng just fine.  I am using the lastest libraries
(zlib, jpg, png, etc) on a Redhat 5.0.  Any hints on how I can fix this??

BTW:  I did run ldconfig when installing the libraries and I check ldconfig
-v for the proper libraries (they all seemed to be there, although I could
not find - I did try making symbolic links to the appropriate
libraries but that did not work).

Any help would be apprecaited (ps.  please ask me what ever question are
necessary to help solve the problem)

Nathan Alonzo Smith	
TSX-5 SpaceCraft Engineer
Com: (505)846-0132
Dsn:  246-0132

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