Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.

> > Hmmm. that sort of rings a bell... Doesn't that "CORBA" thing
> > do something like that?  ;-)

And since we are on the topic, how many applications in Gnome are CORBA
aware, I haven't looked into CORBA yet because it feels big and clunky,
but I'm going to read the LJ article today. 

The great thing with ARexx was that your code was the link between the
applications not some deamon, so even though ARexx was the standard libary
it was possible to use other languages as well (like C, C++). CORBA will
solve this but...

  * How fast is CORBA?
  * Is it easy to implement in your app?
  * Which Gnome apps use CORBA?

(I'm going to RTFM.. :-)

Erik Johansson, one of those sloppy students
A big QNX, Linux/x86/m68k Amiga and BeOS fan

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