Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.

Il 29-Apr-98, Erik Johansson ha scritto:
>> > Hmmm. that sort of rings a bell... Doesn't that "CORBA" thing
>> > do something like that?  ;-)
>And since we are on the topic, how many applications in Gnome are CORBA
>aware, I haven't looked into CORBA yet because it feels big and clunky,
>but I'm going to read the LJ article today. 
>The great thing with ARexx was that your code was the link between the
>applications not some deamon, so even though ARexx was the standard libary
>it was possible to use other languages as well (like C, C++). CORBA will
>solve this but...
>(I'm going to RTFM.. :-)
But where's the F* manual?
I woulo also like to read it.
I need a manuala that starts from the scratch, being me an hobbist who know C,
C++ and Java, but otherwise has no knowledge of the advancement of  science of
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