Re: My thoughts on icons and meta-data


> > > command line instead of using the file manager. (particularly 'mv')
> > No, doing things with the command line would mean that the database would
> > get out of sync with the filesystem. Note that there is a huge advantage
> > here of a database rather than .info files, given that should this
> > out-of-syncness actually happen, it's far easier for the filemanager to
> > compare the contents of a database with the actual filing system and
> > delete/add entries accordingly, with .info files, you have to find the
> > .info files first and even then you don't know what file on the filing
> > system that they _used_ to correspond to, so you have virtually no idea
> > what to do with them.
> Actually this still leaves an open issue. If user1 has db somewhere in
> ~user1/.gnome/db and user2 has it in ~user2/.gnome/db, then user2 will
> not be able to correctly access the files generated by user1's
> applications.

I think a server-like thing is needed. So this server somehow stores all
the data (also user-specific things) and puts it into a common place.
This might also be important if you want to give permissison to read/
modify data to other users (maybe not that important for icons but e.g.
for address book entries).

  mr topf

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