Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.


> > So what's needed is a standard API with which apps can tell the system
> > which functions they understand and also which parameters are accepted
> > for each of them.
> > Maybe there should also be one common set of functions to call like
> > QUIT, HELP, etc.
> Hmmm. that sort of rings a bell... Doesn't that "CORBA" thing
> do something like that?  ;-)
> Interprocess, lanuage independent stubs is what CORBA is all
> about.
> The second part of what you describe is basically the CORBA
> Interface Repository (IR). There would presumably be a common
> Gnome App interface, and applications could also have additional
> domain specific interfaces.

Sorry, didn't had time to look at CORBA yet.
I just hope that to to implement it in your app and to use it via
another language is not too complicated otherwise I think this
will not work ;-)

-- mr topf

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