Re: Obtaining DocBook...

>     Kenneth> Any thoughts on where I can get a normal distribution of
>     Kenneth> everything I need, including SGML stuff, jade, and all
>     Kenneth> those good toys?
> My RPMs are there because it's hard to get going and pull all the
> material together otherwise.  For example, jade works on UNIX but is
> primarily set up for dos, so you have to play around.
> You can, in any case, pull it all from original sources, and I will
> put together a little sheet on that subject some time soon.  It will
> also help people who cannot use RPM.

A fellow on our Postgres docs project (Tom Helbekkomo) recently posted a
detailed installation guide for us. And it works! Would this be helpful
for you? We've benefitted tremendously from your RPM work; it would be
nice to contribute back :)

                  - Tom

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