Re: Icons of program

Tom Tromey writes:
>On NT you can watch a directory tree for changes.  Programs like
>Explorer (or whatever the file manager is called) do this so they can
>react even when you change the file system from the command line.
>Cool stuff (though, predictably, the Win32 API for this is a botch).
>On Unix all you can do is poll -- lose, lose.
>Contemplating something better for Unix is fun, but it will probably
>never happen.  Bummer.  It might be doable in the HURD, but that is
>still a pretty small niche.

There was talk of adding select()/poll() support for directories to
Linux not too long ago.  Simple with the dcache.  Not sure if it got
into 2.1 or if it is waiting for 2.3 or it it was nixed.  It's a
features that could be taken advantage of if it existed, and not if
it didn't.


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