Re: Obtaining DocBook...


>> The RPMS provided by the tutorial gnome's styleguide
>> links to are buggy to say the least, and don't work with
>> their own examples.

> I have taken out the demo RPM since it was not up to date; did you see 
> my latest announcement on this list?

Must have missed it...

> Otherwise, I find the current setup incomplete but not terribly buggy.
> You just type "db2html file.sgml" or "db2ps file.sgml" or "db2rtf
> file.sgml" and it should all happen.

Installation...  when I tried jade, it complained about not having the 
docbook umm... element list thing (what's that called?).  Probably due to 
the fact that its installation script failed.

Upon installation of the RPMs, it's nothing much, but I also get a huge 
set of errors about the user and group not found; using root.

>> Any thoughts on where I can get a normal distribution of
>> everything I need, including SGML stuff, jade, and all
>> those good toys?

> My RPMs are there because it's hard to get going and pull all the
> material together otherwise.  For example, jade works on UNIX but is
> primarily set up for dos, so you have to play around.


> You can, in any case, pull it all from original sources,

That's what I'm trying to get -- original sources -- where are they?

>  and I will
> put together a little sheet on that subject some time soon.  It will
> also help people who cannot use RPM.

That would be nice.  Actually, RPM -would- be nice too if they'd install 
smoothly.  Thanks for the help!

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