Re: Icons of program

> Mark> 2) A friend pointed out that doing _things_ to the fs in command
> Mark> line mode would mean that the graphical display would need
> Mark> tidied up in real time (or as near as poss.) has any thought
> Mark> been given to this?
> Congratulations!  You've found one of the few OS-level features where
> NT genuinely beats Unix.
> On NT you can watch a directory tree for changes.  Programs like
> Explorer (or whatever the file manager is called) do this so they can
> react even when you change the file system from the command line.
> Cool stuff (though, predictably, the Win32 API for this is a botch).
> On Unix all you can do is poll -- lose, lose.

I believe Linus was not particularly opossed to having this
implemented in the kernel.  It should not be terribly hard to add
sys_poll to the directories.  In Gnome we should be able to use this

best wishes,

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