Re: WM hints again!!!!!!

Max> The third hint is another hint for the wm to set. This would be a
Max> hint to specify which virtual desktop an application resides
Max> on. This hint would not be needed by applications directly, but
Max> would be very useful for session-management purposes. Currently
Max> all apps restart one desktop, or at least they do on my machine
Max> running a modified icewm.

It's interesting that all the apps restart on the same desktop.

However, I think that window properties is the wrong way to fix this
problem.  Who will use these properties to set things up properly on
restart?  How will the restart be handled?

I think the right thing to do is to modify the wm to be session-aware.
Then it can record all the information it wants.

The session manager protocol includes a separate save phase that is
(apparently) designed specifically for window managers.  The idea is
that this "Phase 2" save is done just after all other applications
have saved their state (at this point they are in theory prohibited
from changing their state).  So a wm could make a request for a Phase
2 save, and then record information about each window, its placement,
z ordering, desktop, etc.

Max> BTW, how does one go about getting write access to the CVS?

Write some code and post it.  At some point Miguel will give you
access.  I don't know how much code you have to write to get access.


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