Re: WM hints again!!!!!!

>>>>> "Marko" == Marko Macek <> writes:

Marko> The next version of icewm will support: 

Marko> [ ... ]

Marko> If there are any more suggestions I'd like to hear them.

I don't know anything about icewm.  But if (1) it is free software (I
assume it is -- just checking), and (2) it supported the X Session
Management Protocol, then I'd lobby for it to become the default Gnome
window manager.

Session management support isn't particularly difficult to add.  You
do have to fiddle with ICE and libSM (both of which I find somewhat
distasteful), which aren't universally available (meaning another
autoconf test, or whatever).

Note that session management is optional -- a session-aware program
does not require a session manager.  So adding this shouldn't
adversely affect any existing user.

I'd be happy to talk to you about what session management support
entails, send you pointers to documentation, etc.


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