Kenneth R. Kinder writes:
 > Well, I decided to start my DocStructure project, although I probably 
 > won't get full steam on the project until this summer.  I'm posting this 
 > to avoid duplicate effort.
 > A. WYSIWYG-like editing (no true WYSIWYG can be done in this type of system)
 > B. Something that would automatically generate API reference from C, C++, and Python source files
 > C. World Domination :)
 > Any thoughts?
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Much of what you are talking about doing for DocBook sounds like what
LyX has done for LaTeX.  You would probably want to take a look at
their code and see what of it you convert for use on DocBook (or any
other SGML document).  I haven't followed it closely, but they may
even be planning on extending the LyX application to be able to handle
SGML docs.  If so, you could contribute to that project and then we
could plug any DTD into the processor.

Stephen R. Kifer

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