Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.


> and, just to remain in topic, Amiga as the Rexx language to do heavy
> interprocess communication.

Right, I miss that under Linux.. 

> How about Gnome? 
> How can I write (for example) a script that starts an http-robot, download a
> page, parserize it and send some datas to other applications without passing
> throught a file?

I was thinking about it and I think the solution here should be not to
have one single language to do that but have stubs for all the languages
out there (like Python, Perl, guile, C, etc.)

So what's needed is a standard API with which apps can tell the system
which functions they understand and also which parameters are accepted
for each of them.
Maybe there should also be one common set of functions to call like
QUIT, HELP, etc.

-- mr topf

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