Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.

Il 24-Apr-98, Miroslav Silovic ha scritto:
>You compile one scripting language to another language (I wouldn't put
>adjective 'scripting' to Guile). So it's running (nearly) as fast as
>the compilation target. And as speed tests show that Guile is faster

... can someone be so kind to send me more info or Url about Guile?
I would like to know how much support to interprocess communication is there
in Guile.
and, just to remain in topic, Amiga as the Rexx language to do heavy
interprocess communication.
How about Gnome? 
How can I write (for example) a script that starts an http-robot, download a
page, parserize it and send some datas to other applications without passing
throught a file?

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