Re: "GNOME System Control Panel Project Announced"


> Heh, linuxconf does that.  It has the front ends you mention (well, the
> Qt one is supposed to be under development, haven't heard much about it
> though, and I haven't been asking), but it has gtk, ncurses, slang/newt,
> wxxt, java, and web frontends now.  It also provides services, and has
> a set of core services with modules that get attached to the core.

Maybe that goes good together with the question for a general scripting
language as AREXX on the Amiga. Maybe just a scripting frontend here
has to be added to make this stuff working without GUI but with scripts.

Maybe this is for linuxconf not that important but if other apps would
be that way, it would.

And if the frontend and backend is separated one could also think of a
general configuration manager which will be able to link functions to
hotkeys or to menu-entries.. Thus every user can configure his app as
he wishs to. 
There just has to be a standard interface.

I think I will formulate this a little better later .. :)

  mr topf

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