Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.

Il 25-Apr-98, Christian Scholz ha scritto:
>> and, just to remain in topic, Amiga as the Rexx language to do heavy
>> interprocess communication.
>Right, I miss that under Linux.. 
>> How about Gnome? 
>> How can I write (for example) a script that starts an http-robot, download
>> page, parserize it and send some datas to other applications without
>> throught a file?
>I was thinking about it and I think the solution here should be not to
>have one single language to do that but have stubs for all the languages
>out there (like Python, Perl, guile, C, etc.)
>So what's needed is a standard API with which apps can tell the system
>which functions they understand and also which parameters are accepted
>for each of them.
>Maybe there should also be one common set of functions to call like
>QUIT, HELP, etc.
I have lots of idea to write down.
But before going on, I would like to know if:
1) this feature is Gnome - compliant (i.e.: is it off-topic to discuss it
2) has someone else (single, groups or so on) started a similar project?
3) before I start writing down my specs of what I call Stam (Software Town of
Artisans and Merchants), I'll try to set-up an home page that shows my ideas.
I'll post the Url at the end of my (in-topic 8-)contributions to the list (...
it's only 40 bytes). I would like to know your opinion and technical

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