Re: "GNOME System Control Panel Project Announced"

Dirk Luetjens writes:
>I'm not sure about the status of the COAS project. The last time I tried
>it, it wouldn't even compile and afterwards it segfaulted.
>Technically COAS is a system administration tool wich divide between the
>front end (gtk, qt, ncurses) visualisation and the backend which do the
>basic configuration stuff.

Heh, linuxconf does that.  It has the front ends you mention (well, the
Qt one is supposed to be under development, haven't heard much about it
though, and I haven't been asking), but it has gtk, ncurses, slang/newt,
wxxt, java, and web frontends now.  It also provides services, and has
a set of core services with modules that get attached to the core.

The difference is that it works and has been working for 2 years...
Maybe that's why gnome has included a linuxconf front end since last


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