RE: "GNOME System Control Panel Project Announced"


I read in the news page about an "GNOME System Control Panel Project". 

I would strongly suggest to have a look at the COAS project. It is located
at It is a modular approach to do system

I'm not sure about the status of the COAS project. The last time I tried
it, it wouldn't even compile and afterwards it segfaulted. But this was
although the time when I changed to glibc and I faced a lot of similiar
problems due to the change. The mailing list is although quiet in the

As far as I know Bruce Perens, the former Debian project leader, announced
that he started a gtk-port of the COAS front end. I haven't seen any
messages about this again. Perhaps we should help with this port, or
enhance it to a GNOME Port. 

Technically COAS is a system administration tool wich divide between the
front end (gtk, qt, ncurses) visualisation and the backend which do the
basic configuration stuff. The application developper, e.g squid, apache,
... provide a module that is capable of reading and writing the
configuration files and provides the data structures to COAS. If the
backend is not capable of saving all configuration information between to
sessions COAS can do this for the module.

I think this tool is worth a look and I'm looking forward for a running
version. Please have a look at it, before programming a new system


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