I found out, that gnome-network includes a gnome-ppp application. I
mentioned it a few month ago, that there is a application wich clames to
ease dial up networking. It is called wvdial and could be found at

It is under LGPL. It does modem detection and complete handling of dial up
networking without any chat scripts. If the makers of gnome-ppp are
interested I could mail them the README. 

Since I use ISDN I didn't tried it out. But read further:

I thought about enhancing gnome-ppp to handle ISDN lines too. Since in
most cases the account is independent from the used interface there would
be a new tab within the configure window called "ISDN Devices". There you
would configure as many ISDN Devices as you would like. The configured
ISDN Devices are inserted in an Device list for the Accounts page (the
same procedure for Modems). In the Account setup you choose from the
device drop down list the appropriate device : ISDN / Modem ... 

I am not totally sure where to place other parameters like MSN since it
could be of interest to have different MSNs for different accounts. In
Germany you can have up to 10 MSN per ISDN installation. 

An last, if gnome-(i)ppp could although handle incoming calls,
support isdnlog, voice answering machine, ... But perhaps it would be
better to have something like a mid layer definition (like in windows),
where you configure your modem/isdn devices and an API to access these.
Wasn't it called CAPI? 

... and there was although a standard to have some modem/telephon

While I'm writing this I'm thinking about the "GNOME System Control
Panel Project Announcement", where I strongly suggest to support COAS. But
this comes in another mail


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