Re: Killer app #493

Elliot Lee <> writes:

> On 22 Apr 1998, Jim Pick wrote:
> > If it can handle bugtraq (including regular renewals), you get a
> > prize.  :-)
> It can't handle renewals because it doesn't process incoming mail, and it
> needs to do that. A *lot* of the hooks for doing this are in there (i.e. I
> foresaw the issue when writing it), but I still need a portable and
> consistent way to say "deliver mail to this file". I am NOT going to
> rewrite that part of procmail - best to modularize it so other programs
> can use that as well. 

Yep.  You are going to need this, because a large proportion of lists
lately now ask for the subscriber to return an "auth" string with a
code (to prevent malicious subscriptions by third parties).

I think the best thing to do is for gmailman to generate procmail
scripts that could be included in somebody's mail filtering setup.
The scripts would recognize certain types of responses, and pass them
to gmailman so it can take certain actions.

Support for mail filtering schemes other than procmail would be
desirable too (I use mailagent myself).


 - Jim

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