Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.

No, no laughing people here. It's a shame to.

This is your personal problem. If you don't like'em, don't use'em.
And well, I don't use them. But I had to know wether people were
really set on the idea, or if it was a "FSF backs it, sounds like
a good standard, so Guile it is." Kinda thing that I had a chance of
talking people out of. Guess not. But don't blow your top, I don't
have a lot of people agreeing with me on languages anyway.

Well, Guile is fast, true. Just not my cup of tea, and no matter how
fast were talking about, we ARE talking about rewriteing a scripting
language in another, which is a "Mistake"(TM) if you ask me.
(Yeah, I know you didn't. To bad.)

And well, if you can keep track of what your doing in lisp/scheme,
I have respect for you, even if I don't agree with you.

I have a strange sence, of just what makes sence to me.
	Love: C, forth, Perl, Nice simple api's like Gtk+.
	Can use(mabey likes): Tcl, Java.
	Hate: C++, lisp/scheme, & weird api's like Qt

A note on the Java being, though I can use it, it should still
fall under the Hate list, but I can't even make any sence of the
things on the Hate list, so there is an noteable diff.

Now I just know you gave a damn about the above, but I just wanted
to give you a perspective of who you were talking to, in programing
terms. I'm an original Object hater, when I think of good programing
I still think of C64 programers, people who could draw every last
cpu cycle out into something usefull & do it in under a absolute
mem limit, no "Oh well, if the run out of space the swap will catch
them.". Thoughs were... intence days. I blush everytime I write
my Java capability on a resume.

Oh yeah, and as to useing Perl/gtk, well I will, but the level of
intigration is still a little lacking. And I don't really want to make
standalone Perl/Gnome apps, I want to embed it within normal apps, 
with tieins to the apps widgets. All real applications should
have a real scripting language available for custem additions/changes.

Ahh well, good day.

Jasper <>
-- You've got to lose, to know how to win.

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