Re: Harmony + GNOME (Was: Re: C++)

> Andreas has brought up a really good point here which has bothered me for a while
> now.  Why, since theme support is currently being added to both Harmony and GTK,
> can't both toolkits use the same theme format?  Sure, there are slight
> differences in the widgets available in Harmony and GTK, but they're pretty
> small, and in any case, I'm sure a unified theme format could be thought up.  In
> fact, it might be possible to make some sort of generic "theme library" that
> could be used by Harmony and GTK and whoever else wants to use it.  This would
> enable even more X toolkits to achieve a higher level of GNOME compliance.  Maybe
> some Harmony people and some GTK people should get together and try to cooperate
> on this.

  Well, I plan to understand whatever format Raster comes up with for
pixmap-based themes. But for hard-coded themes the problem is that they'll
expect different libraries; a hard-coded gtk theme will expect gdk to be
present and to be passed gdk primitives, whereas Harmony sits directly on
Xlib. We might be able to get around that with a Harmony 'adapter' theme
that can plug into gtk themes, but it might be tricky.


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