Re: C++

Joel Dillon <> writes:

> 					^ Yes it will. We'll have
> 	pluggable look and feel (like raster's work for gtk) and
> 	one (possibly the default) look and feel could easily be an
> 	exact copy of gtk.

This reminds me... Raster will publish the look&feels in the form of
drawing libs. Or rather, in the form of libs that actually draw the
widgets. Is there any compelling reason not to use these libs as a
foundation for Harmony (instead of raw Xlib)? That would at least cut
down on Harmony codesize, overall code duplication, and work
duplication involved in porting the themes (not to mention that
Harmony would then be able to work nicely with gdk/gtk in the same
address space with VERY little lib duplication).

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