Re: Killer app #493

On Wed, Apr 22, 1998 at 06:15:37PM -0700, Jim Pick wrote:
> One feature I'd really like is to make it work with a filter on the
> MTA that filters based on the envelope.  That way it would be possible
> to ditch all those screwball procmail/mailagent rules that have
> trouble with lists that don't behave with their headers.

I do that now using procmail and the
syntax supported by sendmail. The listname is available in procmail as
$1, so that's easy.

> The big problem with doing things this way is that some lists are very
> picky about the address the subscription/unsubscription/confirm
> requests come from (they have to match).  That means I have to send
> mail setting the "From:" address (ie. use the -f option with sendmail,
> and be a trusted user).  This is a real pain - but it using a tool

No, that would be if they too looked at the envelope. No list that I
know of requires that. Setting "From:" can be done by your MUA, as it's
just a header. Mutt certainly has no problem with it.

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