Re: Increasing IMLIB's palette?

>>>>> "R" == raster  <> writes:

R> well i put that in there cause I can rememebr the days whe i
R> fastidiously desinged palettes of 32 colors to do all my art in.. i
R> loved deluxe-paints palete tool (and brilliances) for doing colro
R> spreads (ranges).. so i reuplicated that in imlib's config :)

Yeah, well I never got that good at doing things in DPaint either.

R> color cube is okay.. but the best is.. tryrunning yer server at a

Yes!  That's exactly the kind of info I was looking for.  Thanks a
bunch... I'll report when I have it.  8^)

Alan Shutko <> - By consent of the corrupted
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