Re: Increasing IMLIB's palette?

On 21 Apr, Alan Shutko shouted:
->  >>>>> "R" == raster  <> writes:
->  R> On 20 Apr, Alan Shutko shouted:
-> -> I love IMLIB and have an 8bpp screen.  I'd like to give IMLIB a
-> -> bigger palette (say 128 slots) because I shove NS in a world of its
-> -> own and my non-GNOME apps don't use many colors.  What's an easy
-> -> way to come up with a good set of colors for the palette?
->  R> edit the imlib palette using imlib_config :) you cna make ranges
->  R> (spread one color to another) and most useful color stuff. :)
->  Right.  I saw that, but I was never that good at choosing the right
->  colors. 

well i put that in there cause I can rememebr the days whe i
fastidiously desinged palettes of 32 colors to do all my art in.. i
loved deluxe-paints palete tool (and brilliances) for doing colro
spreads (ranges).. so i reuplicated that in imlib's config :)

->  R> another is to brew it up by hand.. ie make an image lets say in
->  R> gimp.
->  That sounds like the best bet, I think.... I may try to work something
->  up where I could just feed it in a lot of images, and it'll pick the X
->  most frequently used colors or something.  Or maybe steal netscape's
->  color cube....

color cube is okay.. but the best is.. tryrunning yer server at a lower
res in lets say 16bpp - take lets say 10 screenshots of your desktop
doing things you generally do (eg your favorite backgrounds, programs
up, etc. images you lok at/view) now take these 10 images.. colaeg them
in "one big image" in gimp (okay thtashies time) - NOw have gimp
generate a, lets say 128 color palete file from this (optimum using
either median-cut method - prolyl best overall, or populatity method).
Now convert gimps palette file to imlib's.. :) you could write a 4 line
c program to do this even.. :) now.. the idea of this excercise was to
take an average of the kind of colors you use on your own deskotp.. so
that means themost commonly used colors are in the palette for imlib -
and thus things you look at often look best. You cna alos add some
extra "primaries" and such that aren't already there for good measure
just incase you need them. Now what would be good is if people like you
actually create such files then release them for other people to use...
that was the idea of a palette file.. so you can share yours with others

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