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Hello guys,

   Here is a small summary of the information on DocBook that I found
on my mailbox file:

Reference Manual:

Quick reference is here:
Norman Walsh's page at

Mark Gallassi said:

> If you want to get started with DocBook, you can grab the free tool
> packages.  I maintain the RedHat packages (intel and source) at

Here is the full mail (with a detailed descriptions on what packages
are needed).  This is what I used myself (for the devel-docs samples
that Horacio wrote):

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> Dear GNOME types,
> I have just committed a translation of the gtt documentation into the
> DocBook markup language.
> For those who weren't following things back then, DocBook is a very
> rich SGML-based markup language designed for documenting software.  We
> are beginning to use it at Cygnus, and (among others) Sun uses DocBook
> for all of its books and manuals.  DocBook provides tags that mark up
> the *content* of a document, rather than its appearance.  This is
> unlike HTML (where you specify things like boldface and centering),
> and is true to the spirit of SGML.
> At the beginning of the GNOME project I proposed that DocBook be used
> for GNOME documentation.  Miguel and Federico accepted it without
> argument :-), but I never got down to actually starting up a GNOME
> DocBook documentation effort.  In part I was sitting on my ass; in
> part I was working on getting the free DocBook tools ready for use.
> Now two things have happened: Eckehard has written docs for gtt in
> debiandoc (another markup language; more simplistic than DocBook), so
> we have real GNOME docs to play with.  And the free DocBook tools are
> now reasonably good, although there will be some serious improvements
> in the next month.
> I have committed two files: gnome/programs/gtt/gtt-db.sgml (the
> DocBook source) and gtt-db.html (the HTML output with a tiny bit of
> stylesheet info thrown in by hand).
> If you want to get started with DocBook, you can grab the free tool
> packages.  I maintain the RedHat packages (intel and source) at
> and Mark Eichin maintains debian packages in the standard Debian
> hierarchy (I think you can find it at
> The list of packages you should get and install is:
> jade        (a DSSSL engine; converts SGML to outputs, like HTML and TeX)
> psgml       (a very cool mode for emacs -- allows you to edit SGML nicely)
> sgml-common (basic SGML files and catalog
> docbook     (the DocBook DTD [Document Type Definition])
> sgml-demo   (a sample article with a Makefile for processing it; look
> 	       for improvements and a tutorial in the near future)
> stylesheets (DSSSL stylesheets for DocBook; jade uses them to convert
> 	       DocBook to HTML and TeX)
> jadetex     (a macro package for TeX, needed for jade's output)
> docbook-3.0-5.i386.rpm       sgml-common-0.0-4.i386.rpm
> jade-1.0_1-3.i386.rpm        sgml-demo-0.0-7.i386.rpm
> jadetex-0.51-2.i386.rpm      stylesheets-0.0-8a.i386.rpm
> psgml-1.0.1-5.i386.rpm
> ---------
> If you are considering writing documentation for GNOME, please talk to
> me about it.  In any case, please install the tools and give them a
> whirl.
> ---------
> from programs/gtt/ChangeLog:
> 1998-01-25  Mark Galassi  <>
> 	  * gtt-db.sgml: translated Eckehard's debiandoc SGML into DocBook.
> 	  Checked in gtt-db.sgml and the html output.
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> 	       Cygnus Solutions and Los Alamos National Laboratory
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