ANNOUNCE: new DocBook RPMs available

[note for GNOME types: I have saved the messages about topic file
generation and will be studying the issue soon]

        ANNOUNCE: the Cygnus DocBook packages, 1998-04-13

Dear DocBook enthusiasts,

I have placed the latest DocBook packages on the Cygnus anonymous ftp

The major improvement is in the stylesheets.  I am now tracking Norman
Walsh's "modular stylesheets" closely, and I have included several
fixes and improvements which Norman is now merging in to his own
master copy.

------------ the future ------------

Since we started maintaining these RPMs a lot of things have happened,
but some still need to happen.  Here are some issues I would like
people to know about or think about.

   Norman Walsh is really cooking on maintaining the modular
   stylesheets.  That is good, since all I have to is track those and
   package them up.

   James Clark is very actively developing jade.  Unfortunately jade
   does not build in a GNU-like way, so I will have to do a bit more
   work to track that (I'm slightly behind on jade revisions).

   The LinuxDoc project has decided to migrate from the linuxdoc DTD
   to DocBook.  This means that there will be a ton of momentum behind
   DocBook.  The latest release of the SGMLtools (I hate the name) is
   actually based on the material I have collected here.  I hope that
   if they keep it up, I can turn over the maintaince to them :-),
   but for now I will still continue putting these RPMs out.

intro to docbook
   My tutorial at
   is getting a lot of coverage, so I will continue to maintain that

   jadetex is the weak link in the free toolchain, and the developer
   seems to be very busy.  I don't know of any progress being made
   here.  I strongly hope that someone picks it up, since until then
   we are forced to use FrameMaker+SGML to generate printed output.

------------ which packages ------------

The important packages you should get are


There used to be a package called sgml-demo, but since I have not yet
updated it, and it is misleading, I am leaving it out for now.

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