Re: [freeqt] Re: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems

Stefan Nobis wrote:
> Kevin Forge <> writes:
> > leave out any such certification to avoid confusing the newbi.
> Wouldn´t it be confusion to the newbi if he can use some features
> (i.e. drag and drop) with some programs but not with some others?
> Either way you have a problem.
Read my post again.  I was talking about certifying programs that 
qualify for inclusion on the back end ( D&D etc... ) but not on 
the front end ( interface, keystrokes and the like ).
My contention was to certify ONLY those apps that fit the standard 
on all counts ... both functionality and appearance.
> --
> Until the next mail...,
> Stefan.

Through the the Firewall, out the ruter, down the T1, bounced from
satellite.  ... Nothing but net.

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