opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems

--I thought I had sent the same kind of message already but I did not see
it on the list, so excuse me if I repeat the same thing twice.--


It seems that Kde/Troll lobby tries to kill Harmony (at least) with their 
last announce.

I don't think KDE will ever do anything to promote the developpement
of a free GUI for Linux.

Thus, and as Qt is after all a very good library, wouldn't it be
possible to make Gnome a platform that would allow anyone to choose its own
GUI lib (wxGTK, GTK++ , GTK-- or Harmony) for its Gnome app?

Wouldn't be possible to create facility for developpers to port
their KDE  softs from close-KDE to an open-Gnome platform.

Why doesn't anybody use wxGTK for its Gnome apps?
Why isn't there any link to wxGTK in

PS: I have nothing against KDE in particular (I use it)
except, their (dictatorial) attitude and their strange addiction to Troll Tech.
(which I have nothing personal against except their tendancy to think 
we are completely naive)


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