RE: gedit 3.2

On 11-Apr-98 a dream once broken wrote:
> I just downloaded gEdit 0.3.2, and it looks very nice - it is *fast*, which
> is
> a huge plus (especially at launch), and I really like the tabbed interface. A
> few questions:
> it would be nice to be able to drag a tab out of the main window and have it
> become it's own full-size window.

This is actually possible, but it would require a lot of work, looking into how
gtk handles drag and drop, and fixing some bugs with using multiple windows - we
originally added a "New Window" function to the file menu, but dropped it
because we were having too many probs with it..

> i love how gtk lets you assign key-bindings on the fly. are these
saved on
> exit for applications that support it? if so, it'd be great to see that
> supported.

I need to look into that - I've fiddled around with adding them on the fly, but
not real sure how to save them...

> also, i see there's a "Syntax Highlighting" menu item - this would be
> *awesome*, especially if it could be done with a small footprint.

That would be extremely cool, but I've looked into it, and really don't think
it's possible with the current state of the text widget. Although there are
functions for setting the color of text you insert, there doesn't seem to be an
easy way of changing the color of already inserted text - if a function that
would allow you to do this (efficiently, mind you) is added, maybe I'll get off
my butt, look into implementing regular expressions, and maybe use some of the
syntax highlighting files from vim 5.0...

> oooh, idea: what about unloadable syntax highlighting modules that gnome/gtk
> programs could share? i don't know how feasible this is, but it'd be really
> nice to have a standard way of putting syntax highlighting into all gnome
> apps...

See above - that'd be great, but I don't really know how feasible it is at
the moment...

> and the other thing is that while it'll ask you to save if you close a
> modified do, it doesn't appear to check with you when you quit and there are
> unsaved docs.

This is one of the known bugs... I added support for checking if the file's
been changed or not when you just go to close it, but haven't implimented it
for quit as of yet...

> if this is useful, i can beat it around some more and give some more ideas...

Sure! Suggestions are great, code is awsome :)

Evan Lawrence

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