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>>>>>> "RPD" == Roland Pleasant Dunkerley <> writes:
>  RPD> What's slp?  sounds exactly like what I've neen advocating for
>  RPD> years (and slamming both redhat and debian for not doing, make
>  RPD> the package a .zip file with the first file a .tar containing
>  RPD> the installable image, put the other packaging control files
>  RPD> into the .zip as separate files, prehaps including a fast copy
>  RPD> of the toc of the tar, a signature for the tar, etc.  People
>  RPD> who don't care about your package system can still use the file
>  RPD> just like a plain old .tar.gz, but it has all this other useful
>  RPD> information...
>*grin* But that's -exactly- what a Debian package looks like. Well,
>almost. It's actually an "ar" archive of 2 .tar.gz files,
>control.tar.gz (the package information files) and data.tar.gz (the
>actual files in the package). Grab one, run "ar x" on it, and untar
>the resulting files, you'll see :) The point is, though, that a .deb
>can be unpacked very easily with only standard UNIX tools and no real

Well, .slp is Stampede's Package format. It is a gz or bz2 compressed tar
file, that contains extra data at the end for dependencies, (optional)
install/setup script, etc. To unpack a .slp on a non stampede system simply 
tar -xzvof package.slp or tar -xIzvof package.slp. Very simple, and very
nice. This is not to start a packaging war here, .slp has different (albiet
similar) goals than .rpm or .deb. Sort of like how GNOME has different
goals than KDE. :) Info on .slp is available at

M.Watson <>


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