Compilation probs with gnome-libs

seems bzero and bcopy and setregid are only supported by some
platforms via bsd compability library and gnome configure obviously
does not include that library... (tho, then of course unistd.h does
have those functions listed.. and shouldnt gcc libs have those?? :( )
Guess I've missed something ;(

it gives linker errors at compilation of gnome_segv or something about
those symbols.)

This happens with our "SunOS modeemi 5.4 Generic_101945-44 sun4 sparc"
-system with gcc2.7.2 with gnome-libs got from cvs)

I found out places where those are used and converted them to more standard
memset and memcpy (maybe this could be changed?):

libgnomeui/gnome-net.c: 39
          memset(sa,0,sizeof(struct sockaddr_in));
          memcpy(&sa->sin_addr, he->h_addr, he->h_length);
          /*    bzero(sa, sizeof(struct sockaddr_in));
                bcopy(he->h_addr, &sa->sin_addr, he->h_length); */

setregid seems to be used at libgnome/gnome-score.c:208...
guess I'll just comment it to get it compile, but this should somehow be
solved to get it compile without that... :(

(complained also about strings.h not found at some point too, but don
remember where, changing it to string.h worked fine -- I wonder what
did it try to find from that..)

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- --

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