Tom Tromey <> writes:

> Max> BTW, would anyone mind if I checked in stuff to build .slp
> Max> archives into the CVS? I noticed the .rpm stuff, and since .slp
> Max> (Stampede Linux Package) is basically a souped-up (and still
> Max> tar-compatible!)  tarball with dependencies, it wouldn't take
> Max> much room.
What's slp?  sounds exactly like what I've neen advocating for
years (and slamming both redhat and debian for not doing, make the 
package a .zip file with the first file a .tar containing the
installable image, put the other packaging control files into the
.zip as separate files, prehaps including a fast copy of the toc
of the tar, a signature for the tar, etc.  People who don't care
about your package system can still use the file just like a plain 
old .tar.gz, but it has all this other useful information...

> I don't see why you shouldn't do this.  I also think we should check
> in the Debian control files.  Why not?
Please, please do.
I had a discussion with miguel on this very subject on irc and
he's all for it.  I'd even be willing to compile up daily .deb
snapshots and provide them, having the debian control files in the 
repository would only help this.  Note that I have no desire to be 
the official debian maintainer for any of these, I just use debian 
and would like to have daily .deb files available.

> Tom
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